"Small Time Crooks."   Maths in the Movies.  Project 16.


There is a very brief, but funny, part in the movie "Small Time Crooks" with Woody Allen. Early in the film, Woody and his cohorts are planning to rob a bank and have to include another person. There is a discussion of what fraction of the haul they will each get.

Script from the movie.
"So what are you guys going to do with your share eh."
"How much is my share?"
"Well I figure its gotter be two million right and lots of jewelry too."
"Divide it four ways."
"That's a half million bucks apiece."

"What about Frenchie?"
"What about Frenchie? She's a front."
"But without Frenchie we are dead."
"Come on we can get any broad to sell cookies."

"You know what I say.
She gets a share but not a full share."
"I go for that."
"Yeah, what if we each get a fourth and she gets like a third."
"Are you nuts?
Then she will be getting more than us."

"How you figure?"
"We are getting four fourths and a third.
Cant you add?"
"I don't do fractions……………………."

How should the small time crooks share the two million bucks?
Suggest some fractions they could use to share up the money.
Keep everyone happy though!