"Little Man Tate."     Maths in the Movies.    Project 9.


The movie depicts the loneliness of a young gifted boy and the way his single mother struggles to survive.
The scene shows a mathematics quiz competition in which Fred answers the questions and shows how talented he is at mathematics.

Fred's questions in the movie.                  
Question One.
“How about giving me a number that when divided by the product of its digits the quotient is 3, and if you were to add 18 to this number the digits would be inverted?”

Question Two.
You are to make up the question!

Question Three.
“What's the cube root of 3796466 ?”

Question Four.
“What number has the following peculiarity that if its cube were added to five times its square and from the result forty-two times the number and forty is subtracted the remainder is nothing.”

The answers are given in the movie!
One of the answers given in the movie is wrong!!
Which one is it?
You do need to show your working even though little Fred was able to solve the questions in his head!