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Maths in the Movies
"Buck Privates" page 1
"Buck Privates" page 2
"Buck Privates" page 3
This is a really good piece of movie mathematics to show off what is meant by an asymptote on a graph.
The movie clip appeals to all students but the mathematics of the asymptote is suited to Year 11, Year 12 or top Year 10 students.
You can almost get students to believe ....
Start at the scene where Abbott and Costello are on parade ground drilling. This gives students a chance to become used to Costello's high pitched voice.
The movie was made in 1941 in the middle of the World War 2. It has become a cult movie since.
The scenes for page 2 and page 3 are worth showing too.
Page 2 is a money lending tale and
Page 3 is about numbers.
Both are ridiculous!  Several Abbott and Costello movies have mathematics written in them.
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