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Maths in the Movies
"Terminator 2" page 1
This is very good project for Year 11 students.
The movie is "Terminator 2" which is quite a gruesome movie. The scene for this project is about half-way through and begins when a security guard is checking keys in a corridor.
He completes his task just as this thing! "T2" rises out of the floor and forms itself into an exact copy of the guard's shape.
Switch off here! The rest is not a scene for the squeamish!! It is quite gruesome.
The task is to measure the volume of a human - the guard - and then convert that value into an area to fit in the corridor.
It is quite a tricky task but can be done in about 4 different ways.
The answer points to the impossibility to fit the volume inside the corridor shown in the movie.
The movie can be rented and has been shown on TV several times.
It is not a movie for Year 9 and Year 10 students!
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