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Maths in the Movies
"Forest Gump" Page 1
This is one of the best projects I have used. It is more suited to older students, Year 11, who tend to see more into the problem than juniors.
To answer the prblem in full you need to work out what time of the year Forest started his run. Which months did he run through, which day of the month he started, and whether he avoided any leap years in his run.
At first the project seems to be quite open-ended but it is remarkable how close to one particular answer you get.
Using probability can help too.
Students often rent the movie out and study Forest's run much more closely. They can get a lot out of the project.
The movie is a gem and is worth watching!
The clip of Forest's run starts about 3/4 through the movie. Show the whole of his run - it lasts about 8 minutes and finishes with the scene shown on the right.
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