Answers to mathematical digest 126
Page 2   The Bellingham Maze.      rotation, enlargement

Page 3   The Hampton Court Maze.   Try keeping the wall on your left hand - it is suposed to work!
                                                                 At the entrance.
                                                                 No !!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                 They got lost and after much fuss had to get help.

Page 8   More Mazes.   Left door on the bottom left hand quarter. It comes out ....
                Cyprus Maze.  You come out at the opposit door to what you went in, I think?

Page 9   Making a maze is great!

Page 10 Maze Problem.     It can be done. There may be more than one way.

                Where is Andy?    Andy has reached the centre of the Hampton Court Maze!

                What did Cliff sing?    "The only way out is the only way in."    What else!

                Whereabouts?      ?

Page 11 The Great Mathematician Maze Hunt.     Follow the instructions of the hint.
                The mathematicians are

Einstein is on the bike,   Euler on a stamp,   Galois before the duel,   Maria Agnesi after she quit maths.

Page 12   The maze is difficult but can be solved.