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Subscriptions are $45 per school per calendar year.

One subscription entitles access to the site by anyone from your school. This includes teachers, students, and parents.

Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to print any of the pages on this Mathematical Digest site.

Use a colour printer!

New material is added throughout the year.

Two new Digests are written and placed on the site during the year.

Subscriptions from individuals are very welcome.

To subscribe please send an email to

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A return email will give you your school code to use to access the site.

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You will be sent an invoice by ordinary mail.

The aim of this Mathematical Digest site is to give teachers and students access to interesting and useful mathematics, project material, challenges, mathematical applications, and teaching tips! It will also give students and parents mathematical challenges!

The material on the Mathematical Digest site is written by Bill Ellwood,    retd Head of Mathematics at Burnside High School in Christchurch, New Zealand.