Projects in mathematics.     45 Projects for students.
Peters farm problem.
Saving New York. Using an extract from the movie "Die Hard 3".
The soft drink seller.
Painting a house. From an extract from the movie "Little Big League".
The hunting of the snark.
Poem codes as used by British agents in 1943.
The Moeraki Boulders.
The area of the farm.
The twelve days of Christmas.
Waiting in the queue at the supermarket.
Lagado numbers from the book Gulliver's Travels.
Breeding Alpacas.
The Times code of 1854.
The Monk and the Bridges.
Lifes a roller coaster!
Number Partitions.
Pythagoras' Theorem.
The last digit of the largest prime numbers.
Open and shut.
Kathy's patchwork problem.
Patchwork geometry
Forest Gump's big run from the movie "Forest Gump".
The pentagon fence problem.
T.G.V. trains of France.
Where to put the house?
Mathematical trees.
Playing with numbers.
The Square Root of 2.
Pythagoras problems.
Shut the gate !
Good numbers.
Snakes and Ladders.
Prime numbers.
Patting your backs from the movie "The Commitments".
Logic puzzles.
Magic squares.
Enlargement factors in theme parks.
The Fibonacci sequence of numbers.
Pascal's triangle.
Terminator 2
The Eleventh Hour.