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projects in mathematics
Assessing Projects.
The project work should be done in a separate book from normal class work.
Insist on high standards and you will get them.
I assess projects on a graded system of
A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C.
A+ is outstanding with extra relevant material added
A is excellent, well presented, answers correct but nothing extra attempted
A- is very good but not enough detail although answers are correct
B+ is ok, a bit untidy but with most of the answers correct
B is a bit rough but a good attempt
B- is not all there, an attempt though
C is unsatisfactory!
These grades can be converted into marks when needed.
A+ = 10, A = 8, A-=6, B+=4, B=2, B-=0, C= redo!
I add the marks without scaling to the student's total marks of exams and tests for the year. This is an added incentive!
On the student's report there is a space to enter a project mark or rating.
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