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Maths in the Movies
Little Big League Page 1
Little Big League Page 2
Little Big League Page 3
This is one of the best pieces of movie maths I have seen.
The movie is "Little Big League" and it is available in most video rental shops. It is well worth getting. It is not, as yet available for purchase in NZ but can be got on the internet from both in the USA and UK.
The scene is about 3/4 way through the movie and it is just before the final game.
The maths proble is an old one about painting a house and it is surprising that very few students are able to answer this question!
The scene is very well played and the problem is quite clear. The movie's explanation is a rote remembering the formula method quite useless by todays standard of reasoning out mathematics problems. In fact it is a good example of how not to answer a question.
This project is recommended for all ages - Year 9, Year 10. and Year 11 students.
Page 2   and   Page 3.
These pages have similar problems made up by students. Can your students answer them?
Ask your students to make up a similar question to the Little Big League problem.
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